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Core Values and Objectives

The core value of the school raises stakeholders desire at individual group, and school levels, to set examples in delivering the best academic results in the school and beyond. It is a set of goal posts to and in the preferred future of the school. The values describe the overall professional, social and school conducts for every stakeholder and should be read in conjunction with existing provisions applicable to schools and educational institutions in Kenya. The school rules and regulations for part of these core values and the conduct of teaching and non – teaching staff must conform to these values. This desire extends to parents, administration, board and other stakeholders.

School Objectives

The main objectives of the school are:-

  • To develop skills and knowledge of students through improvement of educational and academic performance at all levels.
  • To improve discipline at all levels among students, teaching and non –teaching staff and other stakeholders.
  • To be a centre of academic excellence locally and nationally.
  • To be a model school of excellence in sports, athletics, drama and music, nationally.
  • To maintain intake levels of students through provision and improvement of the existing school infrastructure.
  • To introduce an effective and reliable Management Information System for effective decision making through instituting and information communication technology strategy.

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